Although they had seen StoneKitchens’ work in another home, Tom and Lilly knew that they had many options for their kitchen.  There were many comparably priced choices.  StoneKitchens’ responsiveness was the difference. For more photos of this project, visit the Houzz gallery or our Houzz Profile. Of course, you can always visit our website.   “I would strongly recommend StoneKitchens any time.”         “They did exactly what they said they would do… and when they said they’d do it” “They worked really well with my contractor”Read More →

StoneKitchens did multiple, matching tops in Paula and Bob’s home. The project included a kitchen, custom hutch, and game room bar. For more photos of this project, visit the Houzz gallery or our Houzz Profile. Of course, you can always visit our website.   “When you leave a message, they call you back.”       “They used lasers when they measured. Everything was excellent and precise.” “A few days after the installation, we had a question and they immediately sent someone.”      Read More →

StoneKitchens has done more then one job in Jack and Helen’s home. This was their game room project. For more photos of this project, visit the Houzz gallery or our Houzz Profile. Of course, you can always visit our website. “There was a ‘night and day’ difference between the seams in our original house and the work that StoneKitchens did.”    “Their customer service is just outstanding.”  “I couldn’t imagine anyone providing more quality and service.”Read More →

StoneKitchens did the Engineered Quartz surfaces in Barb and Lee’s contemporary kitchen. The “waterfall” surfaces and the unique lighting applications were the homeowner’s vision. For more photos of this project, visit the Houzz gallery or our Houzz Profile. Of course, you can always visit our website.   “Everything fit beautifully.”         “The employees were just great… and they were on time.”       “Their prices were very reasonable and they worked well with our builders.”Read More →

When these two homeowners started looking for their kitchen granite, they found many options. After interviewing several, they didn’t feel comfortable with the people who would ultimately come into their home to do the installation.  Their cabinet maker, Mike Santa, recommended StoneKitchens. For more photos of this project, visit the Houzz gallery or our Houzz Profile.  Of course, you can always visit our website. “StoneKitchen’s service and installation are second to none.”       “They had the selection you would expect from a large organization with the service of a small business.”   “We are just SO happy with the craftsmanship.”                Read More →

lean your surfaces with warm water and soap as you would any other.  A regular, light wipe down should be sufficient.  This will also pick up anything that could be ground into the surface by the bottom of an appliance or pan during normal use.   void harsh chemical cleaners like ammonia and chlorine based solvents.  Don’t use scouring cleaners as they contain a fine grit to assist in removing stubborn surface coatings (usually) on porcelain.   e-seal your tops once or twice a year.  Use a product like Dupont’s StoneTech.  We give you a care package with a virtual lifetime supply of this sealer when we finish your project.  This is the same product we use when weRead More →

  Molly and Jeff wanted a kitchen that was both pragmatic for everyday use and open enough to entertain guests.  To achieve this, they contacted Ellena Rose at eRose Design in Meadville, PA. Ellena is trained and experienced in interior design.  She’s designed hundreds of kitchens and specializes in them for a very unique reason.  She helped run her family’s restaurant for 20 years.  As a result, she brings a perspective to kitchen design that sets her apart from others in the field. “The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I focus on both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the room.  Modern kitchens need to achieve a multi-use balance that the rest of the house doesn’t require.  These days, the kitchenRead More →

Why did granite counter tops become popular? There are many man-made alternatives; stainless steel, laminate, concrete, and even glass.  In recent years, engineered stone (epoxy mixed with stone dust and color) has experienced a rise in popularity due to its consistent, custom color palettes.  However, natural products like marble, limestone and the subject of this article, granite are unique.  Whether you choose man-made or natural materials, each has its own price structure and advantages. There are several reasons for granite’s continued attractiveness. Raw material price is down.  There are over 50 different countries that quarry granite.  Don’t misinterpret, we’re not suggesting that granite is cheap,Read More →

Fact:  In the US, stone has become the countertop of choice over man-made surfaces in all new and remodel construction. While this statement may not seem ironic on the… um… surface, it is.  It really is.  Here’s why… Most of the stone used in kitchens is billions (with a ‘b’) years old.  Humanoids have used stone in the procurement and preparation of food for at least 2.5 million years.  By the way, archeologists use the somewhat oxy-moronic term, “Lithic Technology” to describe this. All but one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were made of stone.  Can you name the exception? …The fiftyRead More →