How Much Will It Cost?

Well… it depends.  We offer competitively priced counter tops.  That being said, we’ve done jobs for customers that were more than $250 a square foot.  There are many factors that influence the final price.  For example, raw materials vary and some folks want more than a lowest cost top.  We will help you navigate this process and give you an accurate estimate when you contact us.

Many Firms are Doing This Kind of Work.  Why Choose Stone Kitchens?

Well, first…you’re right.  There are many options.  Our article on Granite  will help you understand the various products contractors may offer.    That being said, Here’s our pitch…

We’ve installed custom surfaces in over ten thousand rooms and are consistently recommended by the area’s top contractors and cabinet makers.  Houzz.com considers us to be in the top 4 percent nationally and our work is backed by the best warranty in the industry.  Our digital process ensures precision and our artisans ensure quality installations and finishes.  In addition, we have our Pennsylvania Home Improvement License, so we do plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and anything else necessary to leave you with a usable kitchen or bath when we finish.

Is Natural Stone Right for Me?

Natural stone has varying degrees of durability but its always visually appealing.  Granite is both durable and beautiful.  Historically, stone has been used for a long, long time.

Is Engineered Stone Right for Me?

Engineered stone is man-made.  Ground up quartz is mixed with resin and color(s) to create stone-like designs.  By weight, the material is about 90% stone.  The attractiveness of engineered stone is its predictably in texture, color(s), and veining.  The quartz and resin in engineered stone is non-porous so it resists staining.

There are so Many Choices.  What Counter top Material Should I Choose?

Granite is both durable and beautiful but all natural stone is unique.  If you might be considering a light, marble-looking surface, engineered stone might be a better choice.  There are hundreds of natural and engineered stone types available.  Let us help.

Do You do Surfaces Other Than Kitchens?

Yes, as we’ve said, we’ve done counter tops in over ten thousand different spaces.  Bathrooms, fire places, outdoor kitchens, rec rooms, bars, tables, fountains, monuments, showers, columns, restaurants, and even hotel installations are just some of our projects.  The cutting and finishing technology allows our artisans to do just about anything you have in mind!

Can’t I Get the Same Thing at a Big Box Store?

Well, yes and no.  Make no mistake, there may be some advantages to big box stores; location, all-in-one selling, lowest price etc.  Investigate their online feedback.  You might notice that service, issues with the installation, and long lead times drag down ratings.  There are several important things to think about when it comes to big-box stores;

    1. You can see a sample of your counter top, but you will not see the actual stone until it arrives.
    2. Custom manufacturers like Stone Kitchens let you pick the actual slab.  We can cut the grain of the stone so that it flows in a way that enhances your project
    3. We can make seams virtually disappear.  Fewer Seams. Better Fit.
    4. Big Box Store design is done by a sales person; not the installer.
    5. Everything required to complete your job will be awarded to the lowest bidder.
    6.  Craftsmanship pretty much dictates customer satisfaction.  Want to know more?

Are Granite and Engineered Counter Tops Hard to Care For?

No.  Every 3-5 years, one should seal it with a good stone sealer, SK customers receive a care package for this.  Generally, just wipe the counter top clean as you would any other.  Mild citrus-free dish detergent and warm water works well.  You should probably stay away from ammonia and chlorine based cleaners as they can activate the oxides in natural stone and potentially alter the color of some compositions.

What if I Find a Problem After the Work is Completed?

Your satisfaction is our number one objective.  This is why our Google and Houzz ratings are so high.  We have an unconditional one year guarantee and offer an extended stain warranty on all of our counter tops.

Can Stone Kitchens Help a Customer Who is Dissatisfied with Someone Else’s Work?

Yes.  We’ve removed, reinstalled, refinished, recut, repaired, and even repurposed (to another area of the house) counter tops over the years.  We can help!

Honestly…  Fewer Seams.  Better Fit.