lean your surfaces with warm water and soap as you would any other.  A regular, light wipe down should be sufficient.  This will also pick up anything that could be ground into the surface by the bottom of an appliance or pan during normal use.   void harsh chemical cleaners like ammonia and chlorine based solvents.  Don’t use scouring cleaners as they contain a fine grit to assist in removing stubborn surface coatings (usually) on porcelain.   e-seal your tops once or twice a year.  Use a product like Dupont’s StoneTech.  We give you a care package with a virtual lifetime supply of this sealer when we finish your project.  This is the same product we use when weRead More →

Why has granite become so popular as a countertop? There are many man-made materials; stainless steel, laminate, epoxy, concrete, and even glass.  Natural products like marble, limestone and the subject of this article, granite have become fashionable and much more affordable in recent years.  Whether man-made or natural, each material has its own price structure and advantages. However, there are several reasons for granite’s attractiveness. Raw material price is down.  There are over 50 different countries that quarry granite.  Supply is up and technology changes have reduced both production and logistical costs.  Don’t misinterpret, we’re not suggesting that granite is cheaper than laminate covering, but the cost per squareRead More →