The Heart of the Home

The Heart of the Home


Molly and Jeff wanted a kitchen that was both pragmatic for everyday use and open enough to entertain guests.  To achieve this, they contacted Ellena Rose at eRose Design in Meadville, PA.

Ellena Rose
Ellena Rose

Ellena is trained and experienced in interior design.  She’s designed hundreds of kitchens and specializes in them for a very unique reason.  She helped run her family’s restaurant for 20 years.  As a result, she brings a perspective to kitchen design that sets her apart from others in the field.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home, and I focus on both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the room.  Modern kitchens need to achieve a multi-use balance that the rest of the STOVE 3X3house doesn’t require.  These days, the kitchen area may function as the family room, the computer room, the homework room, the dining room, the party room, the TV room, etc.   In addition, this is the first (and sometimes only) room guests see.  And, let’s not forget… it’s also where you prepare your food.”FAUCET 3X3

For this particular project, Ellena creatively incorporated removable step stools hidden in the toe kicks, a unique Blanco sink with professional sprayer, and a drawer microwave.

When Molly and Ellena were deciding on countertops, they chose StoneKitchens in Hermitage, PA.

“I am so pleased with the group at StoneKitchens.  I absolutely love their dedication and craftsmanship which is so critical to my high-end business.  The precise, creative cutting process they use makes all the difference.  STORE FRONTThey have a beautiful selection of unique stone, and my clients and I can go see our options.  All the photos in the world can’t compare to viewing the stone in real life.  When Molly saw that beautiful granite with its greens, pistachio golds, and browns, she made an instant decision.”

“In addition, the inconvenience of tearing up a kitchen (often new floors, paint, lighting and cabinets, etc.) is stressful.  The last thing the homeowner needs is to wait several weeks or even months for the countertops to be installed.  With StoneKitchens, it’s never a problem, they succeed even with the toughest deadlines.  I love these guys!”



Fewer Seems.  Better Fit.


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