Pleasant Valley Church

Pleasant Valley Church

When parishioners Barb Yanik and Cindy Trebilcock offered to take on the project of updating the kitchen at Pleasant Valley Church in Niles Ohio, they had a few thoughts; the conceptual layout, possible color schemes, etc.  But in the end, collecting the needs of the church turned out to be the most important.

“We interviewed just about everybody with an opinion. We wanted to understand what our church really required.” explains Cindy.  “We looked at storage and cupboard space; ideas for a meeting area; and considered things like weddings, funerals and church-sponsored dinners, gatherings, and fellowship.”

One of the interesting things about this kitchen is its location. Far from being the “kitchen in the back corner of the basement”, the original kitchen (albeit small) happened to be centrally located.

Pleasant Valley’s Original Kitchen

Initially, there were three rooms where the open kitchen and bistro now reside and there were many demolition and design considerations. Upon completion, the area quickly became a hub for church members.  As Barb and Cindy like to say, “The center of His house, for His glory.”

Despite its size, the layout of the redesigned kitchen feels distinctly home-like.

Barb says, “The kitchen is not a commercial facility, but we can prepare and serve meals for 200 of our members. Caterers have told us that they could accommodate 400 – 500.”

When it came time to build, Pleasant Valley chose Robb Building and Remodeling, Bessemer, PA and Stone Kitchens of Hermitage, PA for the “Silver Cloud” granite tops.

img_2582The parishioners generously gifted the unique LED lighting, beautiful cabinets, appliances, furniture and the granite counter tops that Barb and Cindy call, “the exquisite jewelry”.


“Stone Kitchens was fantastic. Honestly, we had contacted other stone providers, but after we visited SK’s showroom, we were sold.  From their selection, to their installation… every part of our experience with Stone Kitchens was outstanding.  A+ to them”!

Barb and Cindy believe that they were called by God to take on the church’s “Haggai Project” (Consider your ways… My house lies in ruins).  Pleasant Valley Church is located at 2055 Pleasant Valley Road, Niles OH 44446

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